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It's ok to complain

'We may not like what you're telling us but we sure want to hear it - and we will learn so thanks for speaking up'

Customer Feedback Policy

Respite Now’s customer feedback policy is aimed at maximising all feedback received from customers with the view to mitigating the likelihood of the incident occurring again and improving our performance. If someone is prepared to take the deliberate actions required to make a complaint, we see that as an excellent opportunity to not only improve our business but more deeply connect with our customers, not let it happen again or to anybody else. We will ensure the person (or group) that provides the feedback knows we take their feedback seriously and before responding will review the circumstances surrounding it and provide a timely, considered response along with the relevant actions we will be taking to minimise the chance of it happening again or to anybody else. It sort of goes with our philosophy, 'we'll clean up any mess we make'.

The 8 ways you can help us improve our business

If you have a compliant, your best resource is a Respite Now manager.

You can call Greg on: 0403 577 827 or Email:

You can call Jane on 0423 406 487 or Email:

For general feedback, suggestions, compliments call our office on: 1300 791 562 or Email:

  1. We will ensure there are clear feedback mechanisms in place at each customer touch point and all feedback incidents will be documented, investigated & monitored.
  2. Feedback responses will be encouraged and proactively promoted by all staff.
  3. Feedback will be collected on a monthly basis (where appropriate) and an immediate, courtesy response will be made advising that we have received your feedback and we will review the circumstances surrounding it before responding more fully within 4 business days.
  4. All people involved with the feedback incident will be contacted and given a ‘feedback incident report’ which is to be returned to management within 24 hours.
  5. Management will review all documentation along with their own review of the incident and if required will call a meeting of all people involved which will be held within 3 business days of the incident.
  6. Irrespective of the outcome of the ‘feedback incident meeting’ minutes of the meeting along with all action points will be documented and a resolution set. Next steps will be agreed and a feedback and improvement strategy set.
  7. The most suitable/timely contact will be made with the customer, and irrespective of the severity of the incident a ‘thank you for caring’ letter will be sent to the person/group who initiated the feedback.
  8. All incident follow-up and action will be monitored, recorded and saved.

If you would like to engage an advocate to assist and support you, please feel free to have this person either contact us or be a part of any meetings, phone calls or email communications.

What if I'm not happy with the response / outcome after complaining to Respite Now?

If you feel your complaint is of a nature or severity requiring a higher authority, we recommend you contact the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission. How they handle complaints?
They will acknowledge your complaint and may ask for more information. You can let us know your preferred method of communication. In helping to resolve a complaint, we may:

  • request information and documents to help clarify the issues
  • help you to talk to the NDIS provider
  • with your consent, speak to the NDIS provider about the issues
  • talk to you about the information we receive from an NDIS provider.

I'm not happy with NDIS funded services:
Call the NDIS Commission 1800 035 544

I’m not happy with the NDIA’s actions or decisions:

Contact NDIA or Commonwealth Ombudsman 1800 800 110  www.ombudsman.

Make an NDIS complaint

Call 1800 035 544 (free call from landlines)

Complaint contact form:

National Relay Service
then 1800 035 544

Translating and Interpreting Service: 131 450

If you need assistance to make a complaint, call 1300 791 562 or email to learn more