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Your rights

You have the right to:

  • Choose who delivers your supports and how they do this. You do not have to use just one provider for all your supports not use a provider if you feel they aren't acting in your best interests ask if a provider has a conflict of interest not feel pressured to buy services or supports you don’t want or need pay for supports at a fair and reasonable rate. You must follow the NDIS Pricing Arrangement and Price Limits if you are NDIA-managed or plan-managed decide what personal information you give to a provider so they can deliver supports.
  • The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission works with all providers so that you can get supports that give you choice and control. They have a participant information pack that helps you understand your rights.
  • Registered providers need to meet quality standards , which show they provide quality, safe supports to participants. The standards also help participants to know what they should expect from their registered providers.
  • All providers must adhere to the NDIS Code of Conduct .

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for making sure the supports are:

  • Directly related to your disability and align with your plan
  • Not covered or delivered by another service system or organisation (eg. Medicare or private health insurer).
  • If you self-manage your NDIS funds, you need to keep evidence of what you spend your NDIS funds on (eg. invoices, receipts, pay slips, bank statements).

Where to get help

If you have questions about how to use your NDIS funds, your NDIS planner or LAC can provide advice and support to help you do the right thing.

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